Our Mission
We aim to provide top quality customer service and provide you with the best fragrance/products, we hope to expand and try all different scents.

Our Story!
Were a small family business based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
We provide high quality products delivered locally or elsewhere in the UK.
During looking into our product research we found that Scarborough didn't have many candle outlets and wished to provide an online experience to which we can fulfil on there behalf.
We formed the company "Meltcloud" (25/11/19)
When we looked into starting a business the hardest part was finding the perfect product, within months of trails and errors we looked into candles, nobody can say no to a candle. They make a perfect gift for friends or loved ones, looking in depth you don't realise how much work and craftsmanship goes into making the candle!
Your support and feedback is a massive drive for us and we hope to see many new people and regulars in the future, without you none of this would happen so we thankyou for everyone who has supported us during these times.

We look forward to hearing all your experiences with us and were open to people requests, we hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times,

Kind regards
The Meltcloud Team!



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